About Us

Founded in 2007, Network Orbitz was created to provide customers with the absolute best overall experience possible for their networking and telecom needs.

Network Orbitz has long been in the business of selling and purchasing all different types of name brand data infrastructure network hardware and equipment. We sell refurbished hardware manufactured by most leading manufacturers. We work with small and large companies looking to liquidate their telecommunication equipment, or purchase quality refurbished equipment at a substantial savings.

Our dedicated specialists are experts in evaluating used high-quality pre-owned / new surplus IT network hardware. We enjoy viable, strong relationships with network equipment dealers, brokers, wholesalers and especially our clients. The essential, powerful relationships between our experienced technicians and our suppliers / clients allow us to offer reliable, cost-effective solutions for hardware disposal, asset recovery and low-cost purchase of essential data infrastructure network hardware.

Whether you are looking to sell used data network equipment, or purchase refurbished like-new hardware, we serve as a one-stop resource for all of your equipment transition requirements. To ensure optimal acquisition of high-quality equipment we offer the highest prices on data networking equipment your company is looking to liquidate. For our clients eager to purchase refurbished data networking hardware at a low price we offer the latest technology from leading manufacturers along with hard to find equipment. We specialize in providing equipment transition solutions at significant savings all of our clients looking to sell or purchase equipment.