Network Orbitz mission includes providing quality new and used telecommunications, automation, networking and testing equipment to aid our customers in improving and expanding their network infrastructure and capacity. We are one of the fastest growing suppliers of multi-vendor networking, testing equipments and automation transforming how companies purchase, maintain, and upgrade their IT infrastructure. There may be times, however, when a client needs specialized, obsolete discontinued one-off equipments to fit certain requirements or to meet a specific audience. Well, Network Orbitz prides ourselves in providing our clients with comprehensive specialized services, too! All our undertakings are important to us and are handled with the highest degree of commitment, and pure professionalism to obtain the client’s desired results.

At Network Orbitz whether you are faced with long lead-times, searching for End Of Life, and hard to find equipment, or even in need of parts for maintenance and upgrades to your network, we are here ready to assist you. We have assembled a team of proven leaders, responsive account managers, and expert technicians to provide our customers with more choices, flexibility and control in finding the best solution for their needs. Our team is committed to positioning Network Orbitz at the forefront of information technology & automation solutions, while ensuring we constantly deliver unique brand value. Every team member is dedicated to go beyond technology solutions, build individual relationships and go the extra mile for our clients.