Asset Recovery

ORBITZ Asset Recovery Services & Liquidation Management

Leading the industry in IT Asset Recovery, Electronics Recycling, Electronics Disposal, E-waste Disposal and E-waste Recycling.

ORBITZ ASSET RECOVERY SERVICES provides customers with a structured, secure process to resell or recycle surplus and decommissioned technology assets. Fast, affordable and easy to use, our asset recovery solutions provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of equipment disposal. Ultimately our solutions will help to reduce the total cost of ownership at the end of lifecycle for your technology assets. ORBITZ ASSET RECOVERY was founded in 2007 and offers services both nationally and internationally. ORBITZ was created in response to companies need for a simple solution for liquidating a wide variety of assets. We are able to quickly and effectively liquidate underutilized and obsolete assets for companies of all sizes no matter their location. We utilize multiple markets to return the highest value to our customers.

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